It’s a humbling experience.

It’s very healing to get out in the woods. It’s a humbling experience. It helps to relieve anxiety and to detach.

Jordan and Danielle
Rhode Island
Kinsman Trail

I do it for therapy.

I do it for therapy. We live in the city and it’s nice to get out and away from all that.


I love to be outdoors and enjoy the wilderness. And to be with my girl here.


Quincy, MA
Kinsman Trail

It’s transportive.

It’s freeing and it’s transportive. I’m a shrink so it’s nice to escape the feelings and emotions that come with that. My friend took me up my first 4,000-footer – Mt. Pierce – and it was totally socked in. But I was so pumped to be on top of a 4,000 foot mountain! I came back three weeks later and did seven more.

Dr. Gadget / Kathi and Pappi
Kinsman Trail

I was raised hiking.

I was raised hiking. Growing up my mother would take us to the Adirondacks all the time. Now I enjoy it myself.

New Jersey

I’ve always loved the outdoors, and this is one more way to enjoy it.

Gilford, NH

Zealand Trail

It’s not easy.

It’s not easy, but being out here in the woods does something spiritual for you.

Portland, Maine
Mount Hale Summit

Summits on the Air


Summits On the Air. I’m a ham radio operator. You get points for signing on at the top of the mountains. But that’s just one reason.

Carter Dome